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Opportunity House is a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides opportunities for participation in cultural, social, educational and recreational endeavors for all.

Vision Statement

Opportunity House seeks to enrich the community by providing the opportunity for all people to learn and share skills and knowledge with others, by fostering social and cultural interaction and by serving the community.


The “Opportunity Group” started out in winter of 1958 as a group where retirees could gather at the First Methodist Church in Hendersonville, NC to share and learn new hobbies and crafts. There were 43 Charter Members and they met faithfully both in the church and participated in community events. As one of their early projects the group came together and painted a beautiful landscape mural on the walls of the church that still exists today. Within two years the group activities and membership had outgrown the space the church could offer them and through the leadership of Grace Etheridge purchased “a home of their own” thus becoming the “Opportunity House”. The group was one of the first of it’s kind in the country and was making national news with this innovative new type of facility. In the early 80’s the Opportunity House was once again exceeding their facility and the group began searching for a new building. Soon thereafter the former location of the A&P Grocery on Asheville Highway was purchased and construction began on updates. After 35 years the Opportunity House is still located at 1411 Asheville Highway and continues to serve the community as a unique arts and cultural center for all ages.


The Opportunity House relies entirely on Donations, Class Fees, and Fundraising Efforts to cover it’s operating costs and further it’s mission.

Every little bit helps and we are truly grateful to all of our members and friends in the community who continue to support us day to day!